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Meet Joe Stiff

You remember root beer, right? Now imagine adding 6.9% vodka! Put them together and the result was Joe Stiff’s Spiked Root Beer, a cocktail with a nostalgic promise mixed with pure awesome potential.

With a new orange flavour to launch and an explosive Canada-wide expansion, your typical ho-hum billboard campaign wasn’t going to cut it. What resulted was Modettes, mullets, disco balls and vintage Vespas give- aways. The root beer and orange soda flowed, and free love was idealized with an online and offline movement that gave a nod to the decadent eras when things seemed a little bit simpler, skirts were a tad shorter, and hair was a whole lot bigger.

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Flipwear for the Modern Girl

Two entrepreneurs struggling to find appropriate styles to fit their tween daughters joined forces, and unleashed a fresh new concept in girl’s activewear. They had a name, they had a store. What they wanted was to create something bigger than just a place to buy well-made kids’ clothes. To do this properly, they needed a detailed Brand Strategy, including an in-depth audience profile and competitive landscape analysis. And a logo. Business planning met creative execution. What started out as the launch of one retail store grew into a long-lasting, committed partnership that lasted through the opening of 8 stores across Canada and the launch of a thriving ecommerce site.

See how we helped Triple Flip create a brand promise as unique and authentic as the product itself.

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