Digital First Branding

Weld believes that your brand has a story.

We believe that you deserve to have your story told online in the most effective, delightful, human way possible.

Branding is more than a name and logo.

It starts with an idea. It’s executed through creative design and compelling content. If it's effective, it evolves into a story.

A well-designed story will clearly communicate why you do what you do and what you’re good at. A meaningful and relevant story will connect directly to your potential customers, who might even be willing to share the tale. And then, your brand’s story grows.

At Weld, we approach branding from a digital perspective, delivering your story to where your customers are – online. We craft responsive websites, which means that people can engage with your brand on the device that's most useful and convenient for them: be it desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Why "digital first"?

Well, chances are at some point (maybe on the way to your store or office) a potential customer will want to find out a little more about you, so they’ll head on over to your website.

Or, someone stumbled across your site through Google. Hopefully this wasn’t an accident. They want to know who you are, where you are, and if you’re going to solve their problem. Typically in about 5 seconds or less. Otherwise they’re going to bounce away to the next search result.

In a very short time, an opinion will be formed about your brand based on appearance, language, demeanor and mannerisms. What they’re really looking at is whether they have anything in common with you, if they like how you’re dressed, and if you’re easy to get along with.

We hate to break it to you, but at this point, your website really isn’t about you anymore – it’s all about them and how you fit into their story. Your website exists for people who need something. They’re busy and easily distracted, but they want to discover a solution that fulfills their need with something of tangible value, hopefully something fresh and delightful.

Weld works to make you look good online.

These days, a mediocre effort just won’t cut it. For the growth of your business and your brand, it is vitally important to make a good impression online, every time. Easy navigation, usability and consistent messaging across all devices are basic requirements – which all too often get overlooked.

This is why Weld works hard to make sure your story is effortlessly delivered in the digital space, crafted with its own special charm. A site which answers the essential questions about your business: who you are and what you believe, what you offer and what you’re passionate about. A site that sets the tone for what customers can expect with every future interaction with your brand, online and offline.

Our goal is to make all of this a little less complicated, with a little less tech talk and a whole lot more humanity. Weld creates websites that encourage interaction and conversations. And of course, conversions.

Work with Weld, and your brand's story will be told on a website that people will enjoy using, sharing, endorsing, and returning to again and again, regardless of which device brought them there.