Smart Marketing


The point of digital marketing is to deliver results. We focus on the goal - do you want to convert a customer or make a sale? Is this to qualify a lead? Do you wish to educate a customer? Is it a tool for internal staff that makes business communication easier? We work closely with you to evaluate what a site can do for you, and how to achieve it.


Our expertise with system integration comes into play here. Your software that manages customers, products, sales and other data should become a part of the whole strategy. Automating and utilizing existing data is something we love doing. All the parts should work together seamlessly and with minimal manual process. We look at your entire information technology as a whole and recommend ways to integrate that with your digital strategy.


Did it work? An advantage of digital media is that we can closely co-relate your visitors activity with our efforts. Your goals will tell us what we should measure. Just knowing how many people visited a page does not tell the whole story. Key performance indicators are something that will be unique to your organization. We will determine the best ways to gather statistics and analyze that data.


This is the most exciting aspect of digital marketing. You can make changes in “real time” to see what works and what doesn’t. A/B split testing is a method of running alternate versions of a page, advertisement, or post and seeing which one delivers. We choose the best one, and do it all over again. We think creatively and think up more ways to tweak the communciations to get the best effect. We learn about your business and about your customers. We evolve and hone the strategy to get the best results for you.